VTS Operator

Marine Port Controller – Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) Operator required:
1. He shall have a Marine Certificate of Competency Class 3 or above from a local or international IMO white listed college preferably with experience in offshore supply Vessel cargo operations. He shall be a good communicator with excellent verbal and written communications skills in English.

2. He shall have at least two (2) years’ experience in VTS systems and port operations.

3. He shall coordinate the movement of all vessels in the port area and ensure a safe passage without risk of colliding with other vessels or shore installations. The tasks will vary but would normally include the following:
• Operating equipment – the equipment found in a port control center shall include but not limited to marine radar, VHF radio, radio telephone, computer terminals, telephones, fax and telex. The VTS Operator shall use this equipment when communicating with vessels and others involved with port/harbor management.

• Use of paper and electronic nautical charts – the VTS Operator shall use nautical charts to record the Vessel’s current position, plot courses, and forecast traffic flows.

4. Communicating effectively – The VTS Operator shall communicate with various people including the ship’s master, port/terminal operators, and when required, the Saudi Aramco and Government emergency services. They shall receive information from the Vessel regarding its intended movements and also provide information about weather and tidal conditions, the movement of other vessels in the area, and berthing instructions.

5. Handling emergency situations – the port control center shall be the hub of communication for any existing or potential emergency situation according to Saudi Aramco regulations. The VTS Operator shall implement contingency plans and help to co-ordinate activity with the relevant parties.

Rotation: 6 On 2 Off
Salary: 4000 USD per month

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