VTS Operator

He/She shall have a Marine Certificate of Competency Class III (II/1)
He/She shall have at least two (2) years’ experience in VTS systems and port operations. 
He/She should have IALA VTS Operator Certificate. 
1-Year Contract
Rotation 4 months ON 2 OFF
Duty Hours 12 per day
Job requirement is 7 days a week
Transportation from accommodation to work and vice versa provided.
Food provided by the company.
SALARY: 4250 USD per month
Rejoining Bonus: 500 USD per OFF month subject to on time rejoining.
8 Months ON: 4250 x 8 = 34000 USD
4 Months ON: 500 x 4 = 2000 USD
TOTAL Annual package = 36000 USD


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